This   year   the   founder   of   In-Corr-Tech   Limited   Mr.   Zaid   Khan   will   celebrate   25   years   of   operating   his   San   Fernando, Trinidad   based,   Inspection   and   Engineering   Design   Company.   His   success   did   not   come   easy   as   this   entrepreneur   began   in a   modest   one   room,   one   employee   set   up   in   Staubles   Building   in   Marabella.   In   1990,   this   present   success   could   not   have easily   been   predicted.   Within   one   year   he   had   expanded   his   one   room,   one   man   venture,   to   three   office   rooms   and   two additional employees. With   the   support   of   his   wife   Rabbia,   his   parents   and   in-laws,   together   with   an   intense   drive   to   succeed,   the   company has experienced steady growth over the last 25 years, and this year, has seen an increased revenue growth. In   the   beginning,   the   company   provided   Pressure   Testing,   Statutory   Inspection   and   vessel   Inspections,   however   due to   demand,   many   other   services   were   added.   The   introduction   of   one   of   its   main   services,   Root   Cause   Analysis/   Failure Analysis was born due to Mr. Khan’s previous work experience at Texaco, now Petrotrin. Mr.   Khan   is   responsible   for   widening   the   analytical   approach   to   maintenance   in   the   industry.   He   has   been   an advocate   for   preventative   maintenance   as   opposed   to   the   commonly   practiced   method   of   breakdown   maintenance. Preventative   maintenance   approaches   have   allowed   companies   to   become   more   profitable   as   they   incurred   less   down time. Mr.   Khan   also   strongly   believes   that   proper   and   definitive   inspection   is   a   requirement   for   safe   operation.   For   the environment to be safe, the equipment with which employees work must also be fit for service.     Zaid    Khan    is    a    firm    believer    in    the    sharing    and    dissemination    of    knowledge.    He    readily    imparts    his    skill    and experience   to   his   staff   and   clients   and   has   routinely   and   freely   assisted   students   of   engineering   with   their   assignments   and final    year    projects.    In    fact,    many    of    this    country’s    finest    can    attest    to    the    positive    and    worthwhile    interactions    and contributions   they   have   had   with   Mr.   Khan   over   many   years.   Mr.   Khan   together   with   his   employees   has   established   a Charitable Foundation to assist those in need. One   of   his   operating   principles   is   honesty   to   customers.   He   says   “the   two   pre-requisites   for   call   back   jobs   and references   are   satisfied   customers   and   technical   competence.   In   fact   a   lot   of   business   comes   our   way   due   to   our   technical competence and reputation.” Mr.    Khan    has    reinvested    as    much    as    possible    to    grow    the    business    and    echoes    that    dedicated    and    satisfied employees   are   essential   for   growth   in   business.   He   continues,   “Future   planning   is   good   but   not   necessarily   futuristic planning”. He advises that you must be equipped for changes - you must be dynamic and be prepared for ups and downs. When asked about the next 25 years, this avid golfer laughs heartily and says “Always thinking about it! “ God bless, Zaid
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