IN‐CORR‐TECH   LIMITED   (In-Corr-Tech),   a   leader   in   inspection,   metallurgy,         engineering            design            and            quality control   services,   was   founded   by   local   entrepreneur,   Mr.   Zaid   Khan.   The   company   has   been   under   his   leadership   as President since its inception in 1990. In-Corr-Tech   provides   clients   with   prompt   and   professional   Inspection   and   Engineering   Services   and   is   equipped with        an    extensive    selection    of    qualified    personnel,    inspection    tools    and    technology,    to    meet    the    advanced    and demanding requirements of our onshore and offshore clients. Today,   In-Corr-Tech   has   become   the   preferred   third   party   inspection   service   company   in   Trinidad   and   Tobago   and the    wider    Caribbean,    having    a    reputation    second    to    none.    In-Corr-Tech    earned    its    track    record    through    diligence, technical capability, competence, training and adoption of International Standards and Best Practice methodologies. With   close   to   one   hundred   (100)   employees,   the   company   has   the   largest   contingent   of   experienced   Inspection Engineers,   ASNT,   ASQ,   AWS,   and   API   &   NACE   Certified   Inspectors   amongst   all   the   local   inspection   companies.   In-   Corr-Tech was   the   first   local   company   to   train   and   employ   an   HSB   Global   Standards   ASME   Authorized   Inspector   Mr.   Riza   Khan,   whose responsibilities   include   new   Construction   Certification   for   Boilers   &   Pressure   Vessels   per   ASME   I   and   VIII,   as   well   as   their repairs to the NBIC. Mr. Khan also performs audits for fabrication workshops seeking to become ASME Certificate holders. In-Corr-Tech    has    forayed    successfully    under    the    leadership    of    Mr.    Riyad    Khan    and    ably    assisted    by    Mrs.    Saira Harricharan,   in   providing   Control   of   Temporary   Equipment   Inspection   &   QA/QC   Support   Services   for   clients;   ensuring   that vendor supplied equipment is fit for purpose prior to client delivery. Along   with   Vice   Presidents:   Saira   Harricharan,   Riza   Khan,   Riyad   Khan   and   dedicated   workers,   Mr.   Zaid   Khan   has developed a thriving and profitable company. The   company   is   STOW-TT   certified   and   demonstrates   its   commitment   to   the   Health,   Safety,   Security,   Environment and   Quality,   by   conducting   its   services   in   a   manner   that   protects   the   general   welfare   of   all   employees   and   stakeholders; minimizing   the   impact   of   its   operation   on   the   environment   as   well   as   ensuring   the   satisfaction   of   their   clients,   through Quality Management Systems. In-Corr-Tech   recently   acquired   new   Eddy   Current   Testing   equipment   and   another   Magnetic   Tank      Crawler      capable     of        performing    ultrasonic    thickness    measurements    on    vertical    storage    tanks.    Infrared    Thermography    has    also    been introduced to the list of NDT Inspection Techniques. In-Corr-Tech   has   expanded   their   technical   capabilities   to   include   Finite   Element   Analysis   (F.E.A),   which   allows   for highly    accurate    computer    modelling    of    various    strength/stress    scenarios    for    steel    bodies.    FEA    enables    the    virtual simulation of various test scenarios, such as a drop test for offshore CCU (cargo carrying unit) certification. In-Corr-Tech   also   offers   technical   training   and   certification   in   the   use   of   rigging   equipment,   the   operation   of   heavy machinery,   and   equipment   calibration.   Statutory   Inspection   of   hoists,   elevators,   cranes,   lifting   equipment   and   appliances, boilers and pressure vessels are conducted by government licensed inspectors. In    collaboration    with    the    American    Society    of    Metals    (ASM),    In-Corr-Techwill    host    an    ASM    International certifiedtrainingsessiononthePracticalInterpretation    of    Microstructures    from    19-22    of    January,    2015    at    In-Corr-Tech’s training & laboratory facilities. In-house      training      of      staff      is         a         staple         at   In-Corr   Tech   with   regular   training   programs   ranging   from   inspection techniques to computer training taking place year round. The   Company’s   affiliations   with   inspection   and   engineering   associations,   organizations   and   consultants   in   NDT, Metallurgy,   Construction   and   Design   assist   them   in   leveraging   competitive   forces   to   their   advantage.   This   ensures   that   a high quality service is provided in a timely and efficient manner and value is transferred to their respected clients.
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